Me programming

Stuff I made or worked on

QEMU plugins

Work for my PhD thesis. A modified version of the QEMU emulator allowing you to instrument programs at the machine code level at runtime. The original work is from some great people at ST Microelectronics and I only added some small features and fixed some small bugs.

invokedynamic for the CACAO JVM

My masters thesis project. An implementation of the JVM invokedynamic bytecode and related APIs on top of the CACAO JVM. (unfortunately this never made it into the main branch (╥﹏╥))

The low level lisp machine

A simple lisp like language. Virtual machine is implemented as an interpreter with a function level machine code JIT for hot code.

Stack 3D

A simple 3D rendering library written in PostScript. Includes a small macro system and a home-brew object system.


A very simple 3D physics platfomer. I'll be uploading the code to github real soon. Kudos for Martin Bachernegg for actually doing all the work and to Hochreiner Christoph for stopping us from killing each other.

Super Ascio

The ultimate vapor-ware. A side-scrolling bullet-hell platformer. My love note for Cave Story.